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DescriptionBuilding on the momentum of the successful X-Men franchise and the highly anticipated film X-Men: The Last Stand, X-Men: The Official Game empowers you to truly embody the X-Men for the first time—mastering their ferocity, speed and agility like never before. Experience events leading up to X-Men: The Last Stand and go beyond—battling fearsome villains and exploring epic environments in this action-packed X-Men adventure. 
Control Wolverine, Ice Man, and Nightcrawler throughout the game
Evolve and upgrade your special mutant powers and abilities as you progress with the Mutant Evolution System
Battle enemies such as the Brotherhood of Mutants and more from both the feature films and the comics
Features some of the movie’s cast, including Patrick Stewart and Hugh Jackman
Game actually provides a key part of the overarching movie plot, with an ending that actually sets you up for the beginning of the film

Developer : Z-axis
Publisher : Activision Blizzard
Release Date : 16 May 2006
Genre : Action/ Adventure
2 X Men The Official Game [RiP]  190 MBX Men The Official Game Unlocker 4 X Men The Official Game [RiP]  190 MB
X Men+The+Official+Game+%255BMediafire+PC+game%255D+SS X Men The Official Game [RiP]  190 MB
  • System requirements:
Pentium 4 1.5 GHz,
512 MB RAM,
graphic card 64 MB,
GeForce4 or better,
Windows 2000/XP

  • Install Notes
1. Extract files
2. Run X-Start.exe to choose screen resolution
3. Play with xmen.exe


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