Alien Nations
Alien Nations is an RTS game (strategy) for the PC. everything in this game is made ​​up of all the alien nation. you are required to look for resources and troops ready to take the fight. Alien Nations may be a strange game, however is none the more serious for it. aimed toward the younger game. the content is extremely inoffensive and therefore the whole game is bathed in a very rosy, Disney-style, glow. additional misanthropical gamers ought to return to their shoot 'em ups, this one is for the good gamernearby. The style is comparable to Age of Empires therein the user needs to build up a town from scratch. There armany alternative styles of inhabitants during this city and older users can have nice fun building police stations and causing home-grown policemen intent on club robbers over their heads. yet these miscreants forever appearto "come quietly", with none sign of violent resistance.

System Requirements:
Windows XP/7/8
Intel Pentium 4 or Better
512 MB RAM 
 550 MB free Space 
64 bit 256 MB Vram

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Size: 175 MB

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